Florhof – Still a place one can be pampered

Zurich – The Hotel and Restaurant Florhof is one of the oldest buildings in Zurich with a lot of history. The restaurant is worth a visit in winter with its cosy dining room and in summer with the romantic quiet garden at the back of the house.

Yesterday my best friend needed some TLC and I thought the Florhof will do her a lot of good.

As we could not decide on all the good things on the menu, we asked the sommelier Mr Giacometti if he could bring us three of the starters and one main course to share. No problem for the Florhof and the kitchen crew. So we tried the paté covered with a special bread from Berne, chutney and fresh brioche. Following, we had two ways of tuna, tatar with mango and marinated sashimi. But not enough – our gustative nervs were tickled with scallops on fresh spinach and black truffle – just delicious! The main course was a veal cutlet. The meat was great and cooked perfect, the risotto sadly was a bit disappointing. Jens, the very friendly new cook chatted with us about the food and possible new event ideas for summer.

Together with the food we enjoyed a different wine for every couse. All in all a very fair price for what we received and definitely worth going again soon.


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