Kleine Freiheit – Mezze in Zurich

Zurich – Fancy some mezze? In the middle of town towards the university area, there is a small restaurant with a beautiful cozy garden with a lot of trees and bushes (where little mice and birds are living). There are some tables inside but lots more outside in the garden with colorful umbrellas.

The service at “Kleine Freiheit” is very friendly and they get their food freshly made every day from their neighbors called “Orient Catering“. As the name says it is also a catering service for parties and apéros but they serve food at 3 to 4 different tables.

In my opinion they have the best hummus and the best falafel far and wide … try it out.

Restaurant Kleine Freiheit

Mezze at restaurant Kleine Freiheit


Le bon Georges – Simple très bon!

Paris – This was one of my favorites during my Paris visit.

We walked up to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur and then back into “St. Georges quartier, 9th arrondissement”. If you fancy an apero walk through “rue des Martyrs”.

The place and the food in “Le Bon Georges” were as the name already says…”très bon” and much better.

The menu is not big but they serve the special meat of the white cows “Boeuf Polmard” (Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle, similar to Charolais which is more known) and they serve it strictly “Bleu (raw)” or “Saignant (medium rare)” because anything else would be a sin. We had steak hacké, similar to a hambuger and carpaccio…..just delicious.

This time, I have to mention the wine as well. Normally, I prefer Spanish or Italian wines, but this Côte-Rôtie (Montez) was just excellent and also in combination with the meat…I hope to find it in a near cellar soon.



Chez Georges – How close can tables be?

Paris – For our first evening I chose a restaurant I found in a magazine….and I guess some other too 😉

The visit in a nutshell: Loud, narrow, friendly, French food, tourist guests, simple and relaxed

This might not sound too positive but we enjoyed every minute and the snails were maybe the best I ever had and the “steak frites” are really good.

If you go: be prepared to sit almost on the lap of your neighbor and train your voice to be able to communicate with your “vis-à-vis”.

You have to book a table, but be careful there are many restaurants that almost have the same name. This is on “rue du Mail”.



Cafe de l’homme – in the museum of mankind

Paris – For Sunday evening I wanted to surprise my hubby with a restaurant I knew from my last year’s visit to Paris. It was recommended by a Parisian friend and has probably one of the most beautiful views over the Eiffel tower.

The restaurant is located inside the museum de l’homme (museum of mankind) and has a beautiful terrace. Unfortunately, a kind of small summer thunderstorm started, just when we arrived and it was just pouring down.

But luckily we got a table at the window and enjoyed the view anyhow. If you plan a trip to Paris maybe you should know that every single night at 10 p.m. there is a 5 minute light show around the Eiffel tower and it is worth watching it not only for the Romantic people among us.

The food is also quite good and service very professional, book your table in advance and insist on a table with view.


Bofinger – Is this all lunchable?

Paris – We spent a long weekend in Paris and a friend recommended this Alsatian restaurant in brasserie style to me.

The weather was really hot and so we were “for once” happy to be inside in the air conditioned restaurant. The spacious and high rooms are spectacular and the main room has a glass ceiling (cupola style) with beautiful colors that gives the special atmosphere.

The food was excellent. Actually, we just wanted to go for a light lunch, but the menu was so tempting so we were even persuaded by the very nice waiter for a small dessert….picture shows it all.



Mauri’s La Casa – Top of Feusisberg and top Italian kitchen in the area

Feusisberg – Mauri (Maurizio Brocca, 20 years owner of former La Rocca in Zurich) renovated and reopened the location in the heart of Feusisberg just recently in May.

When you enter the restaurant, you feel, like in someone’s home…this someone must have Italian roots. It is Mauri’s home; as he dreamed it to be and how he likes to live he told us. A lot of wood (they made the floor and a lot of other interior designs themselves). A lot of pictures and photographs that remind one of Italy. A highlight for all meat lovers is the wood fire barbecue in the center of the restaurant and a big fridge where the different kind of meat are presented.

My friend and I had the “tavolata” (3 course surprise menu served on platters…like at mamma’s table in the older times) and it was just fantastic (but a LOT of good food to be honest). The homemade pasta is still watering my mouth when I think back.

The guys had a giant size Tomahawk steak which was just wonderful and grilled on the charcoal as ordered.

On the terrace a fumoir is planned and in the backyard opens a garden restaurant soon. On street level there will soon also open an Osteria (simple Italian dishes), but at the moment planned for smaller events of about 50 people.

The official opening is still to come, but I am already looking forward going again!


Mercat La Boqueria – All about fish – and croquetas

Barcelona – If you are a fish and seafood lover this market is a must for you. You can see all the creatures from the sea – dead or alive – presented at the endless stalls. Besides there are also many stalls with “croquetas” (one of my favorite tapa in Spain, as it is very difficult to find any outside the country, made with fish, meat or vegetarian small balls and fried crispy).

If you haven’t tried a small sample at every food stall and are still hungry, there are loads of restaurants around the market. We chose Joel’s Oyster Bar (will follow in one of the next posts).


One Ocean Club – Bar and restaurant at the harbor

Barcelona – If you want to do some “people and yacht watching” while dining exquisitely, One Ocean club is your choice.

The atmosphere, view and food is very good, but not really a bargain budgetwise…

I recommend having a drink before dinner at around 8 or 9 pm and then enjoy the sunset at dinner. If you are a couple you will most probably get a table directly at the water on the terrace, as these are the only tables for two 😉

Reservation absolutely needed.