Yume Gastro – Futuristic food experience with 360 degree view

Aviles (Asturia, North Spain) – On our trip from Galicia via Asturias and Leon to Madrid we visited Yume Gastro in Aviles. It is a small town in the north of Spain, near the beautiful and famous “As Catedrais” beach (in Galicia, Spain).

If you happen to be in the area, it’s worth to visit the restaurant for several reasons.
The location of the restaurant in a futuristic tower is unique. The restaurant is located in the Oscar-Niemeyer cultural center. You have a great 360degree view from the tower. The food is great and the team amazing. There is a tasting menu with 6-8 courses for EUR 65. The beautifully arranged dishes were just great and you can see the hard work behind it. For the first course we were invited to visit the kitchen and see some of the preparation. Plan in enough time for a lunch or dinner.

Köchlistube – Metzgete

Zurich – People who know me, know that I love autumn because it is the time of the year when the “Metzgete” begins. In older times the tradition in Switzerland was to slaughter the animals in autumn and organize a big feast with the family. The meat of the animal – all of it “nose to tail” is then used to make (blood and liver) sausages, ribs, bacon, ham, etc. You can also eat the nose, ear and the tail but I don’t like it too much. The meat comes with Sauerkraut or similar fermented vegetables, apples or pears and potato rösti and lot more.
In the Köchlistube, I was a few years ago already for Metzgete, they do a very good Metzgete. This year it was even better than previous years.
What I personally like a lot is the rustic atmosphere and that the dishes are without much “chichi”. After the great gluttony, there was a Vermicelle (made from mashed chestnuts, in the shape of spaghetti with a hit of kirsch schnaps) for dessert on the menu…..one of my absolute favorite desserts, so I had to have it too.

I recommend to go in a group so you can try out a little bit of everything.

No website: Köchlistube, Köchlistrasse 6, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland, Tel: +41 44 242 80 68

La Colombe – Culinary heaven in South Africa

Cape Town, Constantia – What a wonderful place! we enjoyed a very special dining experience with our friends in the Colombe. Already the surroundings and the interior of the restaurant are beautiful. The food is really phenomenal and also its presentation one of a kind – see more in the pictures. I can highly recommend a visit, just please book very early ahead.


La Cantina – Modern Peruvian kitchen in Zurich

Zurich – How great, finally a new Peruvian restaurant in Zurich. In cold wet November it’s great to go a little far away, even if it’s only culinary. Peru is still on my bucket list to visit…. let’s see if it finally works out at the end of 2023.
The drinks were already fantastic. Thanks to the very friendly waiter I let myself be convinced by a Chilcano (Pisco, Ginger Ale, lime juice and some Jarabe de Goma (gommy or gum syrup), but I had been looking forward to a Pisco sour all day. I definitively can recommend to try this very refreshing drink. The starters (ceviche) and main dishes with meat was also excellent.

As luck would have it, we caught the first evening that the restaurant was officially open, which was not noticeable in the food or the service – it felt as the team worked hand in hand for a long time. And as promised on the website, some tables were set aside for walk-ins, which we were able to take advantage of. Because going to a restaurant in Zurich without a reservation is definitely a gamble.

Link: https://www.cantinazurich.ch/

Gourmet gem in the countryside – Löwen

Bubikon – My dear husband surprised me lately and took me to a restaurant that I probably wouldn’t have discovered myself.
The bottom line: it was simply a great evening with incredibly good food and, of course, the best company.
The gourmet restaurant of Gasthof Löwen in Bubikon is called “A priori”. i would go there again immediately. unfortunately, it is not very cheap 😉

Ristorante Montana – Formula 1

Monza – great experience but not a pit stop….count about 2-3 hours for lunch break.

Via Venti Settembre 3, 41042 Fiorano Modenese Italy T: +39 0536 843910

No website: http://www.ristorantemontana.it/locale.htm and https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g1054731-d5814015-Reviews-Ristorante_Montana-Fiorano_Modenese_Province_of_Modena_Emilia_Romagna.html

Spät pop up…not too late

–> now since mid 2022 “Charlatan Resto Disco”: https://restodisco.ch/

Zurich – spät is a pop up in a former retirement home. Very sad that it is only a pop up because the food was delicious and the people serving us just adorable. I would go again tomorrow if I could! https://spaet-restaurant.ch/web/