Osteria Gallo d’Oro is indeed a precious retreat

Lugano – We spent last weekend in Lugano and enjoyed the first springy rays of sunlight.

In the evening we tried a restaurant a friend recommended us. We had a look at the website and it sounded quite nice. We did not expect a lot. We then were tought different. The atmosphere is at first not very cosy – but the food was excellent, tipical ticino ingredients, fresh and cooked with passion. The service too was great, very friendly and personal. I recommend a variety of the first courses, then either thin sliced liver with a red wine reduction or the “Tagliata”, sliced beef fillet with rocket salad. You should not miss the desserts – especially to mention is the vanilla ice cream with self made crystallised orange fruits (I normally do not like at all).


Seasick on Balena? No way!

La Balena in Locarno is an elegant boat, tightened at the docks of Locarno harbour. We went there on a warm summer night and sat outside. The food that night was a special menu for the “Luci & Ombre” festival with fireworks and a lot of food stalls selling their stuff. Our dinner was delicious especially to name the beef on a hot stone. Unfortunately this evening there was not enough staff available why we were waiting for everything, but they were still friendly and did their best.

Da Enzo – in another food world

Back some years, Enzo had his restaurant in Zermatt, the gourmet place in Switzerland, but luckily for the Ticinese, he opened his restaurant in Ponte Brolla, 5 minutes by car from Locarno. The house and garden are just stunning – you feel like in wonderland. The food is with no exception exceptional good. You can have spaghetti with lobster, caramelized duck liver with brioche or champagne risotto with scallops, mouth-watering lamb and much more. It may be not the cheapest restaurant but is worth it.


Polenta Al Pentalino

It is a long way from Locarno through Ponte Brolla direction “Centovalli” valley…but it is worth the time. Best you do a little walk to the Monte Comino, so you have more space what will follow for your stomach supply.
Al Pentalino is a trouvaille in this pittoresque village. You should definitifely try the carpaccio, polenta…aww…everything is delicious. Open only in summer with a terrace outside.

Still there…Baldoria

This very traditional old grotto in Ascona is no real insider tipp anymore. But you just get authentic, frank ticinese food. There is no menu but you will like what you get. Starts with Salami platter and bread, followed by a pasta course, then meat and mostly polenta then another course with local cheese. The desert is accompanied by either Nut Schnapps or a grappa…or two. The boss (minimum 80 years old) decides how much you pay in the end.