Zum See – gourmet deja vu in the Alps

Zermatt – This restaurant is probably the one I have eaten most when in Zermatt. Also it is really one of my favourites in the World.

Zum See Zermatt

Why? First class view with the Matterhorn, best tuna carpaccio, best sweetbread with salad or pasta and biggest and best “Cremeschnitte” (see pic) in the world.

Book your table in advance! You reach the little restaurant either directly from the slopes or after a short hike up the hill from Zermatt (about 40 minutes). It is great in Summer and Winter time but check opening times.

Older post about Zum See

Zum See

Findlerhof – Finally back

Zermatt – After quite some time we were finally back for a lunch at Findlerhof. I have already written about this great place but is worth to write a second post in minimum.

Findlerhof Zermatt

The view is just great from up there and the food tastes equally.

I had probably the best lunch in a month…or half a year? The beef fillet “Rossini” includes everything I really like: the beef was absolutely tender and juicy, topped with a piece of goose liver and sprinkled with black truffle. I ordered the tagliatelle with saffron to accompany and it was a feast. My husband took the veal chop with red pepper and risotto and was happy with it too. Actually we were quite full, but the dessert was just too tempting (see pic below).

Book your table minimum 1 month in advance.


Adlerhitta – Aery in Zermatt – 2’200 metres above sea level

Zermatt – I have been many, many times in Zermatt. But this year I first managed to visit restaurant “Adlerhitta” near Chez Vrony and Findlerhof – and the location and view are not less spectacular.

Book your table in advance and enjoy a wide range of good quality and fresh products.


After Seven: Ivo Adam still in Backstage




Finally back in Zermatt – 5 days of sunshine, perfect slopes and gourmet cuisine!

To start our long ski weekend we had a table booked with some friends in After Seven.

I just found out that the last time we were there is already 3 years ago.

The food was great as expected. Some dishes were familiar but some small surprises tickled and picked on our tongues….I want to leave the surprise a surprise for the ones who still plan to go so you have to find out yourselves.




Da Giuseppe

Zermatt – In the last three winter seasons we never managed to get a table at Giuseppes. We were luckier with out trekking group two weeks ago. From the outside the building looks unimpressive and also the furniture inside must have seen many guests already but what you get inside food wise is great. Giuseppe is an institution in Zermatt. My recommendation is you take the menu “Mier isch glich” or in English “I don’t care” for 65 CHF. If you are not picky you will not be disappointed in quality and quantity of food. The wine list is good as well – ask for Giuseppes recommendation.



Kitchen around in Zermatt

Zermatt – I read an article about kitchen around in the Zermatt Newsletter and was really disappointed that this great action of kitchen around in different restaurants was only happening in autumn.

So I was happily surprised when I saw the flyer in the ski shop and set up our reservation for the other day.

Our first course was cooked and served for us in the Z’Art (www.zermattart.ch). They have a rather small kitchen but made it even cosier. The cook was alone with his assistant for about 25 seats and us. We could even walk around in the kitchen and found out that “Migros Budget” pans are as good as any expensive ones…

After a short walk we arrived at Cervo (www.cervo.ch) where we were served the main course. We had visited this hotel and restaurant already 1 year ago. I was surprised how many young people work in this reasonable sized kitchen. Our white covered high table at the “Pass” for starters and desserts was a perfect stance to observe the whole kitchen. The friendly lady preparing the delicious meals next to us explained us everything although we knew everyone is always on stress in the kitchen.

After we finished our meal (including a small dessert….) we were brought by taxi to the last restaurant – the  Walliserhof (www.walliserhofzermatt.ch). The chef of the kitchen showed us his empire. This huge kitchen serves food for three different restaurants including the hotel. He explained to us that Japanese always want to try a portion of raclette and share it for 4 people, actually they do not like it.

We were served finally the dessert with a lovely dessert wine followed by grappa.

This was a great night and I learnt a lot about the processes in the kitchen and how important the right cook for the kitchen is. An experience I will not forget.



Fuji in the mountains

Zermatt – Last year we discovered this restaurant. Today, I count it to my top 10 restaurants in Zermatt. Actually, I do not wanted to eat any Asian food in a mountain village any more after the disappointing experience we had in a well know Chinese restaurant (that even has Gault&Millau points – for whatever reason…). But….I wanted to give it a try. The restaurant is located in a hotel. As a teen I even spent a vacation with my parents in this house and had very good memories.

The people working there are just adorable and very welcoming. This place could also be somewhere in London, Hong Kong or New York. I also like a lot the whole modern atmosphere with the big glass front and the pop art on the walls.

But not to forget the food. This teppanyaki place serves several menus, one for every “gusto” with fish, meat, vegetables and dessert. The mostly Malayan cooks make a great show preparing the fresh food with a lot of knife jingleling and fire explosion on the hot plates.

It is really worth going as you will eat great food and not be bored at all this evening.