Sissi – imperial fine dining

Meran Südtirol– The name of the restaurant sounded a bit like a tourist trap at first. But I was taught a lesson.

The restaurant is situated in a historic building, tables are topped with white blankets and traditional silver cutlery. The staff and especially the chef Andrea Fenoglio were very welcoming and helped with the choice of our menu.

Have a look at the gallery with the traditional dishes, newly interpreted. Pizza margherita in the glass and vitello tonnato – not flat on the plate but small turrets – mouthwatering!

The chef also runs a pizzeria in Meran, called “357 tre, cinque, sette” which I will for sure visit during our next trip to Meran:

Mauri’s La Casa – Top of Feusisberg and top Italian kitchen in the area

Feusisberg – Mauri (Maurizio Brocca, 20 years owner of former La Rocca in Zurich) renovated and reopened the location in the heart of Feusisberg just recently in May.

When you enter the restaurant, you feel, like in someone’s home…this someone must have Italian roots. It is Mauri’s home; as he dreamed it to be and how he likes to live he told us. A lot of wood (they made the floor and a lot of other interior designs themselves). A lot of pictures and photographs that remind one of Italy. A highlight for all meat lovers is the wood fire barbecue in the center of the restaurant and a big fridge where the different kind of meat are presented.

My friend and I had the “tavolata” (3 course surprise menu served on platters…like at mamma’s table in the older times) and it was just fantastic (but a LOT of good food to be honest). The homemade pasta is still watering my mouth when I think back.

The guys had a giant size Tomahawk steak which was just wonderful and grilled on the charcoal as ordered.

On the terrace a fumoir is planned and in the backyard opens a garden restaurant soon. On street level there will soon also open an Osteria (simple Italian dishes), but at the moment planned for smaller events of about 50 people.

The official opening is still to come, but I am already looking forward going again!

Restaurant “Il Consiglio di Sicilia” means recommendations of Sicily

Sicily (Donnalucata) – What a great recommendation in this tiny Sicilian town. We were 10 people and sat on the beautiful terrace outside. The food was delicious, staff very friendly and helpful finding the right dish for everyone. The food is all regional products from farmers.

Before lunch we walked through the town and found the (tiny as well) fish market, consisting of about 4 stalls. But here counts quality and not quantity obviously.

We also tried the dessert the “Cannolo” pastry with ricotta filling which was also featured in the Washington Post and voted one of the best in Sicily.

Vota Vota – Italian gourmet by the sea (temporary)

Sicily (Sampieri) – We rented a villa in Sicily with some friends. As many of them are quite good cooks we only went out dining a few times.

Vota Vota was really a highlight: Not only the scenery directly at the beach, but also the food was just delicious! You can order a set menu or a la carte. As we were in Sicily in May it was not very full but I believe the whole space with bar outside can be packed with people in summer.

Pizzeria Etienne – Est-que vous parlez français?

Marseille – After seafood, fish and haute cuisine, we were really looking for a simple pizza. And we found it at Pizzeria Etienne.

The place is a little crazy and you better learn some French before going in there.

At first we were shooed to wait  in a corner with a few other people. The waiters were  stressed because the place was very crowded.
While waiting to be seated we figured out that there were only two types of pizza…with or without cheese. Eventually, one of the waiters asked us: Est-ce que vous parlez français? As my friend lived in Montréal for some time and every Swiss speaks some ok French we nodded in approval and were finally guided us to a table and threw the menu cards at us. Had we denied his question, I reckon we’d still be waiting in that corner today.

We ordered the pizzas…one with and one without cheese with a bottle of rosé wine.

IT WAS DELICIOUS. As the evening passed on, the waiters relaxed and turned into the friendliest people in town.


Address: 43 Rue Lorette, 13002 Marseille

no, there is still no Website :-), don’t try to book a table, its worthless, just go very early or late after 10pm.


Elisaburg – Medeterranean food in the heart of “Zurich Wiedikon”

Zurich – Last week I went for dinner with my brother. Elisaburg is located close to Bahnhof Wiedikon, in the centre of Wiedikon.

Last time I have been to Elisaburg must be at least 6 years ago, so I can’t remember to much – except that I liked it a lot.

The atmosphere in the small room is very warm and welcoming – like you were in some friend’s house invited for dinner. It is very relaxed and the staff very friendly and attentive.

The food is mainly Mediterranean: a lot of sea food, pasta, meat and a loads of tasty wines at reasonable prices.


Zum See – gourmet deja vu in the Alps

Zermatt – This restaurant is probably the one I have eaten most when in Zermatt. Also it is really one of my favourites in the World.

Zum See Zermatt

Why? First class view with the Matterhorn, best tuna carpaccio, best sweetbread with salad or pasta and biggest and best “Cremeschnitte” (see pic) in the world.

Book your table in advance! You reach the little restaurant either directly from the slopes or after a short hike up the hill from Zermatt (about 40 minutes). It is great in Summer and Winter time but check opening times.

Older post about Zum See

Zum See

Capolinea – Another good Italian in Pfaeffikon

Pfaeffikon – Is there enough space for another Italian restaurant in Pfaeffikon? Some days ago I went with my friend for a casual dinner to Capolinea. The place was reopened (totally redone interior etc.) about 4 months ago.

The food was excellent and what you expect from an Italian restaurant: Nice apero platter with different meats and cheese, wonderful pasta dishes but also some local fish.

Prices are fair and I will definitively go again.