Mauri’s La Casa – Top of Feusisberg and top Italian kitchen in the area

Feusisberg – Mauri (Maurizio Brocca, 20 years owner of former La Rocca in Zurich) renovated and reopened the location in the heart of Feusisberg just recently in May.

When you enter the restaurant, you feel, like in someone’s home…this someone must have Italian roots. It is Mauri’s home; as he dreamed it to be and how he likes to live he told us. A lot of wood (they made the floor and a lot of other interior designs themselves). A lot of pictures and photographs that remind one of Italy. A highlight for all meat lovers is the wood fire barbecue in the center of the restaurant and a big fridge where the different kind of meat are presented.

My friend and I had the “tavolata” (3 course surprise menu served on platters…like at mamma’s table in the older times) and it was just fantastic (but a LOT of good food to be honest). The homemade pasta is still watering my mouth when I think back.

The guys had a giant size Tomahawk steak which was just wonderful and grilled on the charcoal as ordered.

On the terrace a fumoir is planned and in the backyard opens a garden restaurant soon. On street level there will soon also open an Osteria (simple Italian dishes), but at the moment planned for smaller events of about 50 people.

The official opening is still to come, but I am already looking forward going again!

Steigadae – Meat and cheeese on the slopes!

Hochybrig – I love skiing. Last week we drove up to Hochybrig which is a winter sport area very near where we live. The slopes are decent and the weather became just great around lunch time.

I really recommend the food (juicy Iberico and beef as well as Raclette from the charcoal grill) and atmosphere in this rural restaurant next to the chair lift “Hesisbol“. The wine list is also “quite selected”.

But – if you are a strict non smoker, you should not go inside for lunch as it is one of the few restaurants in Switzerland where smoking is still allowed…


Hopfenkranz – Eating out at the neighbors

Lucerne – A lovely place near Löwendenkmal (Lion monument), one of the most visited sights in Lucerne.

The restaurant has an open and friendly room with high ceiling. You can watch the chef creating the selected dishes as the kitchen is visible from almost every table.

The food was excellent and the staff very friendly and attentive to make us feel welcomed as we were neighbors from next door – my friend actually is 🙂

It is closed Saturday and Sunday.

Hotel and Restaurant Krone

Sihlbrugg /Hirzel – I read an article about this restaurant in “Zurich geht aus” and it sounded quite good.

Today, I went for a relaxed Sunday lunch and it was just great and I would not have expected such good food! Normally, I’m not a “sauce-lover” but I had one of the tastiest experiences with this foie-gras sauce today….I could not wait longer to write about it.

With the sauce…obviously…came a dish and a whole sundays menu. It started with tagliolini with cray fish and it looked just lovely with the little red crabs arranged in a triangle (see pic below). The pheasant was honoured to lay next to the addictive sauce, accompanied by Brussels sprout, red cabbace and potatoe “knödel”.

We spent all in all 3 hours in the restaurant and were pampered from start to end with a lovely crew, all dressed in beautiful dirndl-dresses.

Cabanas – Tapas, Tapas, Tapas

Lucerne – To celebrate the end of the CAS semester at University Lucerne we went to the Spanish tapas restaurant Cabanas. We were a group of 30 people and enjoyed the easy going owner’s attitude. We just ordered various tapas and had a good red wine to accompany. The food was decent, the service really friendly, attentive and the atmosphere really cosy and lively we had a great time – it could have been somewhere in Spain.

Reach out for the stars at Sternen

Walchwil – At the border of Lake Zug is this beautiful historic house from 1834 made of wood.

The hosts were very welcoming and astonished me even more as they remembered that my mother celebrated her birthday and wanted to bring her dog.

We all went for the 4 courses dinner of the seasonal menu but different choices. I chose the seafood platter as a starter that remembered me on a day by the sea with a small lobster soup with lobster, scallops and king prawns – beautiful. My next lucullan highlight was fresh duck liver on a lemon risotto with heavenly honey. I did not think the main course could top this, but my venison was just perfect in taste and texture. All the traditional side dishes as spaetzle, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and sweet chestnut were presented in homoeopathic doses but just right to leave some space for dessert.

I have to admit that I felt a little engorged….on contrary to my wallet!

Baarcity – Bar and Restaurant with a view

Baar – Besides the spectacular view – if it’s not a foggy day – the food in the Baarcity is really good and prepared with an eye on the detail.
We ordered the salad of fresh spinach with goat’s cheese followed by lamb and a sea bream, which was my choice and a real delight. Service was very nice and attentive. For this restaurant you need to invest a little more than just your pocket money…..but worth it.
In summer there is also a terrace on the roof top.

Parkhotel Vitznau – Sleeping Beauty has woken up

Vitznau – Actually the photo has been taken already in September, one of these nice warm afternoons. We were on our way to Weggis and made a little detour to Vitznau to explore the recently renovated Parkhotel.

This stunning house is definitely worth going again. There are two restaurants, one more bistro style – “prisma” in a glass cube, and the other a gourmet temple called “focus” (16 Gault Millau).
We enjoyed a cocktail on the terrace overlooking lakeVierwaldstättersee and the mountains.