Bobo – Irish gourmet burger

Dublin – Fancy a real big and juicy burger for lunch? I recommend Bobo, the one close to temple bar area. We learnt that Bo means cow or beef in Irish Gaelic language. So it was obvious the best beef has been used for the burgers. In the meal was a drink and hand cut chips included – for only 10 Euro. Really worth it and I’m sure you do not get a better burger soon!


Pitt Bros Smoked BBQ Project

Dublin – The large neon letters BBQ caught our sight and we were curious to see what kind of restaurant this was. This concept was different from a common restaurant. While you are waiting for your table you can already order your drinks from the bar and try to select what you should choose from the menu – not an easy task for a meat lover…

My friend took the pork ribs and I had the burger filled with beef brisket and slaw (It was good, but the ribs were better….). It was not only very tasty, but also a bargain. Check the prices on the menu on the internet, you will be amazed! On top you can have soft ice after dinner as much a you like.

Las Tapas de Lola – Are we in Spain?

Dublin – As we were walking along Camden and Wexford street we saw a large crowd of people. As we came closer we discovered that most of them were queuing for a restaurant. The scents that reached our nostrils were very tempting. While we were waiting outside the next door pub, we watched the people going in and coming out of this rather small restaurant.

The food we had was great and we felt like in Spain. Actually I thought, I really have to do my next vacation in Spain again!

Just a little hint…if you don’t like garlic – avoid it like the Irish novelist Bram Stoker with his “Dracula”.

The Oar House – at the harbour in Howth

Dublin/Howth – Only 45 minutes by train from Dublin you are at the sea! We were lucky at our arrival with loads of sunshine and wanted to find out, what the fishermen caught in the morning.

We snatched the last table outside of Oar House and ordered half the menu as we were starving. Everything looked great and mouth-watering. After we finished our lunch we could not have been happier and were, as my friend named it “in Seafood heaven”.

Just next to Oar House there are many other restaurants, so you will never have a problem to find a space and local people told us there are ALL good restaurants as the fish could not be fresher.

Pearl Brasserie – A gem in Dublin

Dublin – If you have enough from hamburgers, Irish stew and beer (not Guinness of course…) you should pay a visit to Pearl Brasserie.

We enjoyed the 6 course tasting menu with pairing wine for not more than 110 Euro which we found just fantastic. The food was delicious and the service (mainly French people) adorable and professional. You need a reservation and best do it 1 week in advance.


Krüst – Cronuts and bitcoins

Dublin – Sometimes it happens when you are in vacation that you are too late for breakfast in the hotel…Lucky we – that’s how we found Krüst bakery in Dublin. We were welcomed very heartily by Rob Kramer, one of the owners. His first questions was: Do you want to pay in bitcoins? As I did not have this currency liquid…I just paid in Euro. Coincidently the Irish Times was there to produce an article we found the other day in the newspaper (see article in the

If you like cronuts, donuts, brown bread, etc. you have to visit Krüst – I especially liked the oven fresh chocolate croissants!