Ristorante Montana – Formula 1

Monza – great experience but not a pit stop….count about 2-3 hours for lunch break.

Via Venti Settembre 3, 41042 Fiorano Modenese Italy T: +39 0536 843910

No website: http://www.ristorantemontana.it/locale.htm and https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g1054731-d5814015-Reviews-Ristorante_Montana-Fiorano_Modenese_Province_of_Modena_Emilia_Romagna.html

Golden Star

On our way back from Savigno to Switzerland, we had a late lunch in the Ristorante Stella d’Oro in Soragna (Parma). When we were there, we found out that they have also 14 small rooms to stay overnight.

The lunch was great and the wine too, although we were a little bit in a rush. The pasta I had – fresh handmade agnolotti filled with pumpkin were a feast! Simple but made to perfection. They serve also an egg omelette with a filling of leek and gorgonzola topping, just sensational. Fresh meat and fish is also worth ordering.

The detour of 10 minutes from the highway is worth it.



Trattoria da Amerigo

Finally we managed to organise a weekend in Bologna. Of course it is not possible to go to Bologna without visiting Alberto’s lovely Trattoria and Dispensa “Amerigo” in Savigno. Actually that was the reason to go again to Bologna…..

The Trattoria is a kind of its own. It is not a bed and breakfast but a dinner and bed concept. The rooms are all decorated individually and located in a separate house. We chose the disused ancient stable room. It is all very nicely done with a touch of Italian industry design.

But to come back to the restaurant – this is the real Italian eatery you can find with local wine, fresh seasonable food. Antonio and his team offer a warm welcoming atmosphere. It is a real ordeal to choose your menu for the evening, as your stomach will never be big enough for all the good food that is served in the Amerigo. So I cannot put everything in words, but best advise: Go, try and indulge the temptations of fresh cut ham, salami, daily made stuffed pasta, meat from the farmer next door and dolci made by mamma…..

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Drogheria della rosa

Bologna – also known as the fat city “La Grassa” is a culinary must! On a Friday we enjoyed an authentic Italian dinner in this former ancient pharmacy. The decoration in the restaurant is “a little bit of everything” and quite opulent. The guests – families, couples old and young and a lot of Italians too – are welcomed with a free glass of “spumante” when they sit down. After that, everyone receives a small platter of fresh cut salami or ham. The menu card contains all Italian delights one can ask for. The food was quite good, especially to mention the Spaghetti al ragu (the real Bolognese sauce). Woman receive a rose when they leave the restaurant…