Bodega Colomé – Once in a lifetime


The Hacienda Colomé (by Swiss entrepreneur Donald M. Hess) is not only worth a visit for its wines, but for the special place. The next small village is about 45 minutes away by car. From Salta you can do the zigzagging roads by going over the top of a pass (Cuesta del Obispo) and “Parque Nacional de los Cardones” about 5 to 6 hours, depending on road conditions (partially dirt roads). This means that one does not go there spontaneously for a winetasting.
For a long time we had the idea to include the Bodega Colomé on our next trip to Argentina because we know friends that stayed there. Since the hotel has only 9 rooms, this was the first thing we booked for our trip and planned everything else including flights only afterwards. It was really worth it. It is a place with a certain magic. You can relax, get some peace and quiet, do walks and besides; taste the best wines of the region.
We spent New Year’s Eve at the bodega and had a really wonderful evening with people from France, Brazil, Switzerland and Argentina. Bodega Colomé grows their own fruits, vegetables and herbs in their garden and cooks only regional and seasonal meals. The staff conjured up a delicious multi-course menu for the guests that evening, including wine pairing.
At 12 o’clock we all toasted to the new year on the terrace under the roof of stars and there was – still on top – a huge dessert buffet.
Those who make it to Colomé should stay at least two or three days, as the James Tyrell Art Museum is also very worth seeing.

Andrés carne de res – Meaty crazy place on several floors

Bogotà – What helps against altitude sickness? Bogotà city is on 2’640 m above sea level and higher than many resorts in the Swiss alps. My special tip is Aguardiente, Colombian’s most popular drink. It is an anise-flavoured liqueur that works like medicine for the stomach.

We met some friends for dinner at the restaurant “Andrés carne de res DC” which was already recommended to us by several locals and tourists.

We chose the “DC” city branch, as the original place, even bigger one, is about 1 hour by car away.

The food is really good, although you might think the place was built just for the tourists. Every evening, various birthday people and beauty queens are elected with special decorated sashes, who often do not even know about their “luck”. After dinner the place turns into a crazy party place.

La Baracca – Party shack in the mountains

St. Moritz – Baracca is an  Italian word and means construction shack. This is really true, Baracca is a hut, that holds a very special gastronomic experience.

You should not visit Baracca if you do not like:
-noise (and very loud music)
-people dancing on the tables after 10 pm

If you don’t mind all this and like good food then go on and enjoy this very un-typical restaurant in the chic and sophisticated St.Moritz.

La Baracca (no own website)


Shochu Lounge – Say it again – louder?

London – If you are in London and want to enjoy some Asian food in tapas-style size you should go to Shochu Lounge. The restaurant is located in a cellar under Roka restaurant. But if you plan a romantic dinner or would like to discuss something this might be not the right place as it is quite loud thanks to the house DJ in the middle of the restaurant.

I guess we must have been VERY hungry that there are not more photos of the food….


Barfussbar – Barefoot in Zurich

Zurich – What can you do when it’s summer and 35 degrees in Zurich?
You can go to an open air swimming pool that is actually the lake of Limmat, enjoy cool drinks, later in the evening dance and just enjoy the scenery of Zurich’s old town. There is a special summer program for concerts and parties. This recommendation is certainly not for food but if you are hungry, you can always have selected sandwiches and ice cream from Sorbetto “en masse”…

Time(s) for a crispy Wiener Schnitzel!

Zurich – Yesterday I actually wanted to go to an Italian restaurant with a very good friend of mine. But we had to find out that all the Italian and Spanish restaurants were closed due to Easter Holiday.
So we just went to Langstrasse area and asked first at restaurant Josef. This is normally one of my favourite restaurants food-wise but they still have the two times selling the table for one evening. We walked down the street and we both remembered the Times. I was there already about 2 years and had only good memories.
We started with the “Times Special” Drink, a mix of sake, prosecco, lime which was really refreshing. My friend chose the tuna tatar with a passion fruit-orange-chili sauce and I went for the ceviche with pomegranate. Both dishes so tasty we asked the chef to reveal his recipe…what he did.
As I already had the Wiener schnitzel with the pommes alumettes I couldn’t resist it and my friend neither. Can a Wiener schnitzel be too crispy? Definitively one of my favourite although there is not much left of the meat….but the combination just yummy. Dessert was as well just fantastic with a chocolate tart, melting inside with Acai ice-cream. Go indulge yourself! 


Hiltl – now with vegetarian butchery

Zurich I have already written about Hiltl in an earlier post. Last week I went again for lunch….I cannot explain, but although I love meat, the vegetarian food and the cool and relaxed atmosphere is unbeaten. The former animal shop around the corner is now the vegetarian butchery attached to the Hiltl concept – how applicable!