Kleine Freiheit – Mezze in Zurich

Zurich – Fancy some mezze? In the middle of town towards the university area, there is a small restaurant with a beautiful cozy garden with a lot of trees and bushes (where little mice and birds are living). There are some tables inside but lots more outside in the garden with colorful umbrellas.

The service at “Kleine Freiheit” is very friendly and they get their food freshly made every day from their neighbors called “Orient Catering“. As the name says it is also a catering service for parties and apéros but they serve food at 3 to 4 different tables.

In my opinion they have the best hummus and the best falafel far and wide … try it out.

Restaurant Kleine Freiheit

Mezze at restaurant Kleine Freiheit


Bustan – Hot Feta and more delights

New York – I just arrived in New York the same evening so I have to admit I was just too tired from the jet lag to take any (good) pictures.

But what I do remember is that it was really delicious oriental food in mese style. I especially remember the spicy feta with flat brad and the grilled aubergine.
It is a great restaurant for a group of 3, 4 or more people to share several dishes



Damas -kuss

Zurich – I have been to Damas for lunch and dinner and was excited about both visits.

The staff is extraordinarily friendly and the food is absolutely delicious. If you like Lebanese food you need to go. I found the salads for lunch very refreshing and filling….have a look at the sizes of the portions.

The “Damaskuss” is a cocktail made from prosecco and hibiscus syrup….dangerously yummy. The name of the drink plays with the word “kuss” that means “kiss” in German – “Damaskus” (capital of Syria).



Union Market – the best food hall in D.C.

Washington D.C. – Take a taxi and reach the market zone of DC. In the middle of the Asian fruit trucks and their loading zones, you will find this big rectangular building. It contains a variety of food stalls where you can stroll along and taste different foods and drinks. There were also some that offer a seated area to enjoy a proper meal.


Bebek – Mezze in the tram depot

Zurich – A few weeks ago we went with colleague after work to try mezze in the recently opened Bebek. It was quite good food. I really like the open space restarant and the architecture of the newly built complex – unfortunately we were placed in the back of the restaurant – but in return we had the view on the trams that came into the depot…

Bebek belongs to Restaurant and Tea Room Maison Blunt – still one of my favourites for brunch and dinner in Zurich. Actually I don’t know why I have not covered it yet.




Hiltl – now with vegetarian butchery

Zurich I have already written about Hiltl in an earlier post. Last week I went again for lunch….I cannot explain, but although I love meat, the vegetarian food and the cool and relaxed atmosphere is unbeaten. The former animal shop around the corner is now the vegetarian butchery attached to the Hiltl concept – how applicable!


New Point – Kebap Forever

Zurich – I went to see “Filth” in Riff Raff last Wednesday….what a laugh and drama in one piece….

But to satisfy our stomach besides the risible muscle we went to New point, probably the best kebap place outside Turkey. Served with a cold beer this is something that just makes you happy, I promise!

New Point

Restaurant Giritli – in Sultanahmet

Istanbul – Very sweet, simple restaurant with a set menu. You pay about 40 EUR, but you get as a starter about 20 (!) different mezze. This is followed by two other courses and dessert. Wine and water is included in the price. So you better go hungry, portion are huge. There is a patio where you can sit outside in summer. The restaurant houses also about 30 cats that are waiting for a little piece to share with them.


giritli_bahce_03 giritli_bahce_04 giritli_bahce_10