Stockholm -This restaurant is located in Stockholm’s old town. You meet older and younger people as well as the hipster with the beard…

As it was our first evening in Stockholm, we tried all the different kinds of pickled herring and some dried game meat which was quite good.

My main course was a reindeer entrecôte and potato gratin. The meat was tender and tasty (similar to venison in Switzerland), the gratin was exceptionally good. The others chose fish, meat balls and pigs knuckle which was also tasty.

A bar is attached to the restaurant as well; for an apéro or digestifs.


Lisa Elmqvist and Gerdas Fisk & Skaldjursrestaurang Östermalms Saluhall

Stockholm – This food hall is definitively worth a visit when in Sweden!!

We had to queue for about 20 minutes – and it was already 1.30pm! But it was worth every minute. You sit on a small table, squashed with a lot of Swedes and tourists while you see all the great dishes coming out of the kitchen. The menu list is quite long and I really had trouble to make a decision what to order.

In the end we took some oysters as a starter and my husband had the fish platter, I went for the cod and shrimps in butter (real hip gold butter…)! It was really heavenly and when I think about it now, my mouth begins to water again…..

Fem Sma Hus or Five Small Houses

Stockholm – It was Valentines day in Stockholm and it seemed like every person, respective every couple wanted to go out for dinner. We had some difficulties finding a restaurant but our hotel recommended Fem Sma Hus. It is  located in the old town and the house I guess was built of different houses. We were led through several rooms and climbed some stairs until we reached our table – the one actually you can see at the bottom of the stairs.

The restaurant was very cosy and the food was good – I guess traditional Swedish so we did not find a lot of dishes on the menu we had not already tried. The service was not the fastest but again I think because it was Valentines day, they had the house ore than full.

Ett Hem = At home

Stockholm – Ett Hem means at home. This small boutique hotel in Stockholm makes you really feel at home. The dining table was in the middle of the lounge of the hotel with a huge shelf with books and parlour games. The food was delicious and I really would like to stay in this hotel during my next trip to Stockholm.

Restaurants Mathias Dahlgren and Grand Hotel

Stockholm – We stayed at the Grand Hotel for a weekend in February. The hotel was built in 1874, directly at the waterfront and opposite the Kings palace.

The hotel has a nice bar with a beautiful view on the harbour where you can eat cold and warm snack all day.

Unfortunately, we did not get a table at the Matbaren or Matsalen, the hotel’s well known gourmet restaurants, but they will be definitely be on my waiting list.