Restaurant Giritli – in Sultanahmet

Istanbul – Very sweet, simple restaurant with a set menu. You pay about 40 EUR, but you get as a starter about 20 (!) different mezze. This is followed by two other courses and dessert. Wine and water is included in the price. So you better go hungry, portion are huge. There is a patio where you can sit outside in summer. The restaurant houses also about 30 cats that are waiting for a little piece to share with them.

giritli_bahce_03 giritli_bahce_04 giritli_bahce_10


Istanbul – Oertakoy, the place to be and a must while in Istanbul! For the Angelique you need to reserve about 1 week in advance. We were there on a Friday evening in October and could still sit outside directly at the Bosporus. The food was decent Mediterranean food with a Turkish twist but people watching and atmosphere satisfying even more. The Anjelique restaurant converts into a Bar and Club after dinner – if weather is nice only with a roof of stars!


Four Seasons at the Bosporus

Istanbul – Really worth going there for lunch on the terrace directly at the Bosporus. Order Mezze, also when they are not on the menu, this is really a perfect lunch accompanied with a nice Turkish wine while you are watching the ships coming and going……

4seasons 4seasonsboot 4seasonsmezze