Fabiola – Just fabulous

Mallorca – I read in a magazine about the restaurant Fabiola. The pictures of the interior reminded me of an exotic garden or jungle with lots of green plants. As I read the menu, my mouth was watering instantly. The menu contains pretty much everything I like to eat.

Sitting finally in the restaurant, we had the agony of choice with ordering the modern interpreted tapas.

We ate a lot more as you can see in the pics, as everything was really good, we could not stop ordering more food. Also the bread you get (wam) in the beginning is a sin itself – crispy outside and inside soaked in olive oil! We ordered 2 bottles of Alion wine, that we also knew from Casa del Vino in Switzerland. A fantastic pairing with Spanish food.

Website: fabiolagastronomicgarden.com

Fera – Sake & wine pairing

Mallorca – Winter in Mallorca is boring? Not at all.

First of all you have space, because it has fewer tourists. Second, the sun shines more often in winter than elsewhere and the temperatures are still pleasant. Only one should note that outside of Palma (the the capital city of Mallorca island) a lot of the hotels and restaurans are closed from November to March.

A friend recommended Fera restaurant in the centre of Palma and it was really worth going. You can choose between different menus and if you like wine pairing, you can even do sake pairing. The food was not only very good in taste, but the presentation was very elaborate and unusual.

Website: www.ferapalma.com/

Casal de Santa Eulàlia

Mallorca – In 2011 we celebrated our marriage at this magical place. We were looking for a location we could house all guests with optimized “good weather guarantee” and good food and wine. By browsing in the internet we found the Casal de Santa Eulàlia and put it on our favourites list with some other hotels and fincas. After an on-site inspection in Mallorca it was crystal clear that the Eulàlia was OUR location.

The staff is wonderfully friendly and one can see they work together like a family. As it is an old finca, the rural house is large opening and the rooms are all different; some with balcony some with terrace. The complex has different pools and even a tennis court.

Specially to mention is the kitchen: I have never had better pork meat than in the Eulàlia! The special pigs with black trotters (The meat is also known dried as “pata negra”) are feed with acorn. The Eulàlia has its own garden and grows a lot of vegetables, fruits and herbs for the kitchen.

It is just a wonderful place to relax, celebrate and as a starting point of countless excursions. Last time we have been there in 2012 and I can’t wait to return.


Eulalia Eulalia1 Eulalia2 Eulalia4

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Mallorca – On the other side of the old town of Palma there is a newish part for going out. The food is mouth-watering if I think of it now….Ceviche interpreted in a new way. The chef is German but got his experience from many years living and working in Japan. The sushis are a must. They also have the 4kilo wine