Tegui – Again

Buenos Aires – Sometimes you get disappointed when you visit a place or a restaurant again after many years. Be it because you have romantic memories, or the chef or the concept has changed.

At Tegui we were not disappointed on our second visit. The restaurant has a fixed menu with or without wine accompaniment instead of the a la carte menu. The menu led us through the whole country starting with little green salty plants from Patagonia (we saw a whole field of these in Bahia Bustamante) to Choique (small type of ostrich) and entire palmitos, which were cut at our table…and much more.
The restaurant is rather expensive in comparison and you should reserve about one month in advance.


El Preferido de Palermo

Buenos Aires – After eight years we were finally back in Buenos Aires. We still had four weeks of vacation ahead of us and the first restaurant we had lunch in was El Preferido de Palermo. I had read about it in the Bubble (https://www.thebubble.com/ a news channel about and for Argentina, especially Buenos Aires, the weekly videos on Friday with Paige I can highly recommend).

The tip was great and we really enjoyed the food and the relaxed atmosphere. Of course we ate too much again, but it was really delicious – including dessert flan with the typical dulce de leche, which is an indispensable part of the Argentinean menu. You can get a great lunch for two with wine and coffee for under 45 Swiss francs.



Buenos Aires – Good Peruvian kitchen in Buenos Aires. Very laid back atmosphere with tables inside or outside. A very good pisco sour and good wines, for example „Weinert“ from Mendoza www.bodegaweinert.com  that I have visited 2006 with their Swiss sommelier.

No own internet page:
Nicaragua 5901 Ravignani – Ciudad de BsAs
Tel: +54 4772-4160


Buenos Aires – Very stylish restaurant in Palermo in Buenos Aires. You can only enter with a reservation. From the outside you do not see that it is a restaurant as it is all over sprayed with graffiti. The inside is opening a new world with a lot of plants, very cool and quite pricey.


Tegui Tegui2

Astrid y Gaston (closed)

Buenos Aires – One of the many Peruvian restaurants in Buenos   Aires. The food is very tasty and modern interpreted. They do not just serve one ceviche or tiradito but many different ones. The causas (a mix of potatoes and fish or meat) are wonderfully presented in the form of little round towers. The atmosphere is quite elegant but a little cool. The pisco sour is just striking good as in most of the Peruvian restaurants. I just experienced a similar good one in Chile.

http://www.astridygaston.com (closed in BsAs)


La Cabrera (Nr 1)

Buenos Aires – Reservation is key…long waiting time, but it is worth it. Mostly tourists are going to the Cabrera nowadays and not to mix up with Cabrera Nr 2. This is probably the most expensive “meat” restaurant in Buenos Aires, but you get everything from the cow from blood sausage to Argentinean Kobe beef – WAGYU in best quality. You will not be disappointed. Do not order a lot of side dishes, best just a salad; otherwise there will be not enough space for the best pieces.



Freud & Fahler Restaurant

Buenos Aires – Cool restaurant in Palermo since many years. The light and breezy atmosphere makes this a lovely spot for a lunch – hand-drawn on the menu the food is even more delicious and prices moderate. They have also good pasta and milanese. Tables inside and outside.

No own webpage: Gurruchaga 1750, 1414 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: 154 (0)11 4833 2153

El desnivel – A classic in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – Traditional, simple, loud Argentinean restaurant, no stylish decoration but very good prices and very good meat, close to Club Museum in San Telmo barrio.

No own webpage:
Defensa 855, Buenos Aires, Argentinien (San Telmo)
Tel: +54114300 9081