Casal de Santa Eulàlia

Mallorca – In 2011 we celebrated our marriage at this magical place. We were looking for a location we could house all guests with optimized “good weather guarantee” and good food and wine. By browsing in the internet we found the Casal de Santa Eulàlia and put it on our favourites list with some other hotels and fincas. After an on-site inspection in Mallorca it was crystal clear that the Eulàlia was OUR location.

The staff is wonderfully friendly and one can see they work together like a family. As it is an old finca, the rural house is large opening and the rooms are all different; some with balcony some with terrace. The complex has different pools and even a tennis court.

Specially to mention is the kitchen: I have never had better pork meat than in the Eulàlia! The special pigs with black trotters (The meat is also known dried as “pata negra”) are feed with acorn. The Eulàlia has its own garden and grows a lot of vegetables, fruits and herbs for the kitchen.

It is just a wonderful place to relax, celebrate and as a starting point of countless excursions. Last time we have been there in 2012 and I can’t wait to return.

Eulalia Eulalia1 Eulalia2 Eulalia4

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Funkes Obstgarten

Freienbach – Last week my mother visited us and she wanted to eat out at a nice place. So we chose Obstgarten as I haven’t been there for a year and wanted to check whether it was still as good as it was. The Obstgarten has 16 GaultMillau points and divided the restaurant in two parts; one is the bistro and the other the gourmet. We had Wiener Schitzel (with brown panade) and luke warm cucumber salad. It was really good and the portions fair. For my taste it could have been a little crispier. The service was very friendly and attentive. I think, I need to go again in the evening in the Gourmet part. When I made the reservation I asked if we can bring the dog and when we came, there was already a bowl with water ready for her.


Tasca de Blanquerna – Closed in 2014

Mallorca – A must in Palma. This is the little sister of the MISA restaurant of Marc Fosh and also known by locals as “Star kitchen for the poor”. You get the degu menu for 26 EUR including half a bottle of wine per person! Great food and if you reserve you can have a table in front of the open kitchen and watch the cooks spin around.

Hotel Ur Misiones de San Miguel and restaurant MISA

Mallorca – The small hotel is located in the middle of Palma and belongs to the old city. Built around an inner courtyard and with interiors decorated in a pure contemporary style; nice rooms but very different categories. Very small garage and difficult to find the entry in this small street. So you better rent a small car and check out the map before you enter the city. The hotel houses the popular MISA Brasserie and Bar, from the well-known chef Marc Fosh who stands out for his original and innovative cuisine.

Astrid y Gaston (closed)

Buenos Aires – One of the many Peruvian restaurants in Buenos   Aires. The food is very tasty and modern interpreted. They do not just serve one ceviche or tiradito but many different ones. The causas (a mix of potatoes and fish or meat) are wonderfully presented in the form of little round towers. The atmosphere is quite elegant but a little cool. The pisco sour is just striking good as in most of the Peruvian restaurants. I just experienced a similar good one in Chile. (closed in BsAs)


El desnivel – A classic in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – Traditional, simple, loud Argentinean restaurant, no stylish decoration but very good prices and very good meat, close to Club Museum in San Telmo barrio.

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