Hotel and Restaurant Krone

Sihlbrugg /Hirzel – I read an article about this restaurant in “Zurich geht aus” and it sounded quite good.

Today, I went for a relaxed Sunday lunch and it was just great and I would not have expected such good food! Normally, I’m not a “sauce-lover” but I had one of the tastiest experiences with this foie-gras sauce today….I could not wait longer to write about it.

With the sauce…obviously…came a dish and a whole sundays menu. It started with tagliolini with cray fish and it looked just lovely with the little red crabs arranged in a triangle (see pic below). The pheasant was honoured to lay next to the addictive sauce, accompanied by Brussels sprout, red cabbace and potatoe “knödel”.

We spent all in all 3 hours in the restaurant and were pampered from start to end with a lovely crew, all dressed in beautiful dirndl-dresses.

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