Reach out for the stars at Sternen

Walchwil – At the border of Lake Zug is this beautiful historic house from 1834 made of wood.

The hosts were very welcoming and astonished me even more as they remembered that my mother celebrated her birthday and wanted to bring her dog.

We all went for the 4 courses dinner of the seasonal menu but different choices. I chose the seafood platter as a starter that remembered me on a day by the sea with a small lobster soup with lobster, scallops and king prawns – beautiful. My next lucullan highlight was fresh duck liver on a lemon risotto with heavenly honey. I did not think the main course could top this, but my venison was just perfect in taste and texture. All the traditional side dishes as spaetzle, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and sweet chestnut were presented in homoeopathic doses but just right to leave some space for dessert.

I have to admit that I felt a little engorged….on contrary to my wallet!

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