Fuji in the mountains

Zermatt – Last year we discovered this restaurant. Today, I count it to my top 10 restaurants in Zermatt. Actually, I do not wanted to eat any Asian food in a mountain village any more after the disappointing experience we had in a well know Chinese restaurant (that even has Gault&Millau points – for whatever reason…). But….I wanted to give it a try. The restaurant is located in a hotel. As a teen I even spent a vacation with my parents in this house and had very good memories.

The people working there are just adorable and very welcoming. This place could also be somewhere in London, Hong Kong or New York. I also like a lot the whole modern atmosphere with the big glass front and the pop art on the walls.

But not to forget the food. This teppanyaki place serves several menus, one for every “gusto” with fish, meat, vegetables and dessert. The mostly Malayan cooks make a great show preparing the fresh food with a lot of knife jingleling and fire explosion on the hot plates.

It is really worth going as you will eat great food and not be bored at all this evening.



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