Kitchen around in Zermatt

Zermatt – I read an article about kitchen around in the Zermatt Newsletter and was really disappointed that this great action of kitchen around in different restaurants was only happening in autumn.

So I was happily surprised when I saw the flyer in the ski shop and set up our reservation for the other day.

Our first course was cooked and served for us in the Z’Art ( They have a rather small kitchen but made it even cosier. The cook was alone with his assistant for about 25 seats and us. We could even walk around in the kitchen and found out that “Migros Budget” pans are as good as any expensive ones…

After a short walk we arrived at Cervo ( where we were served the main course. We had visited this hotel and restaurant already 1 year ago. I was surprised how many young people work in this reasonable sized kitchen. Our white covered high table at the “Pass” for starters and desserts was a perfect stance to observe the whole kitchen. The friendly lady preparing the delicious meals next to us explained us everything although we knew everyone is always on stress in the kitchen.

After we finished our meal (including a small dessert….) we were brought by taxi to the last restaurant – the  Walliserhof ( The chef of the kitchen showed us his empire. This huge kitchen serves food for three different restaurants including the hotel. He explained to us that Japanese always want to try a portion of raclette and share it for 4 people, actually they do not like it.

We were served finally the dessert with a lovely dessert wine followed by grappa.

This was a great night and I learnt a lot about the processes in the kitchen and how important the right cook for the kitchen is. An experience I will not forget.


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