Le Cèdre – Libanese Mezze at their best!

Zurich – This morning I couldn’t wait to write my new post.

I was with friends in the “Le Cèdre” – haven’t been there for years – and I must say it was just a great evening. Maurice, the owner wrote down our order and recommended us some Lebanese white wine and fresh mango-passion fruit to start. But before we even started to eat the first course, the belly dancing show started. This young lady danced with so much passion and the biggest smile on her face that we could not resist to permanently stare at her.

Then – wow the mezze were served plate after plate until the table was fully covered with no chance to place one more. If you ever go there I strongly recommend ordering the following mezze and not a combined menu:

fattet hommos (chick peas with yogurt and garlic…warm, extraordinary delicious)
tabbouleh (salad with parsley, tomatoes, cracked wheat)
hommos (chick pea and tahini paste)
mutabal (grilled aubergine with tahini paste)
fatayer (dough triangles with spinach…. warm)
arayes bi lahme (flat pita bread with meat inside…. warm)
fattoush (salad with crusty pita bread pieces) – the version with the pomegranate juice
mixed grill

Maurice told us at the end of the evening a little bit about how he started his restaurant (almost 20 years ago) and opened the second one close to Bellevue some years ago. So he said he has not two children but 4….




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