Zurich – On a Friday evening we went to Lindenhofkeller. I heard so many good things and always wanted to go…but Zurich offers just too many choices. Finally, we managed to get a table, because without reservation it is just not possible.

As a starter my company chose the veal cheeks, he just loved the dish and I went for a beautiful presented lobster and crab variation (see pics). The main course is the house specialty which is veal (from the back of the calf) cooked at low temperature with different sauces and side dishes you can choose from, this was very decent. Actually I like more the red and aromatic meat.

The Lindenhofkeller is a cosy, romantic and very elegant restaurant with a lot of ambiance and history. You can go there with friends, your husband or even as a treat to invite your parents, they will all feel very comfortable in the Lindenhofkeller.



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