Grotto America

Ponte Brolla – This is one of the very old grotti in Ticino that was on the passage of many travellers since 400 years ago with direction Genova to the big ships leaving for “America”. The menu is small but what you get served is authentic and made with a lot of passion. In summer you should go there not before 1pm as they have not a lot of sunshade. After 3 pm the sun will be hidden by the big rocks behind the house. After a portion of salad topped with büscion (a local goats cream cheese), we had risotto and heavenly gnocchi with a sauce made of cream, gorgonzola and nuts. It comes handy that a lot of gentle rounded rocks are lining the MaggiaRiver where you can have a siesta.

In the evenings they also support live bands. Some tables are located inside for the colder season but the house is only running from spring to autumn.

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