Hotel Restaurant Hirschen

Eglisau – On a short trip to Germany we were looking for a good restaurant for lunch and found this wonderful and romantic place. It was a very hot day and we enjoyed the shade of the trees on the terrace and the river Rhein passing by.

The food is very good and the chef makes sure, a lot of local products are used in the kitchen.

As a starter we shared a huge bowl of salad. We drank local white wine; very good! After this I went for the pikeperch in a ragout of tomatoes, artichokes and potatoes (heavenly, although I do not like my fish or meat swimming in a sauce) and my company had a tower-like club sandwich, very yummy too. The old historical building (first mentioned in 1523) was again lightly restored some years ago and houses also a second restaurant “La Passion” which is rated 16 points in GaultMillau. So it’s not only worth going while passing by, but also for a trip to stay overnight.

HirschenIMG00714-20130727-1322 HirschenIMG00715-20130727-1323 HirschenIMG00716-20130727-1335 HirschenIMG00717-20130727-1348 HirschenIMG00718-20130727-1348

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