Köchlistube – Metzgete

Zurich – People who know me, know that I love autumn because it is the time of the year when the “Metzgete” begins. In older times the tradition in Switzerland was to slaughter the animals in autumn and organize a big feast with the family. The meat of the animal – all of it “nose to tail” is then used to make (blood and liver) sausages, ribs, bacon, ham, etc. You can also eat the nose, ear and the tail but I don’t like it too much. The meat comes with Sauerkraut or similar fermented vegetables, apples or pears and potato rösti and lot more.
In the Köchlistube, I was a few years ago already for Metzgete, they do a very good Metzgete. This year it was even better than previous years.
What I personally like a lot is the rustic atmosphere and that the dishes are without much “chichi”. After the great gluttony, there was a Vermicelle (made from mashed chestnuts, in the shape of spaghetti with a hit of kirsch schnaps) for dessert on the menu…..one of my absolute favorite desserts, so I had to have it too.

I recommend to go in a group so you can try out a little bit of everything.

No website: Köchlistube, Köchlistrasse 6, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland, Tel: +41 44 242 80 68

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