Loft Five

Zurich – In the new opened trendy area around the main station of Zurich (Europaallee) there is this great restaurant. It offers something for everyone and divided in different areas: Coffee and cake in the morning, fine dining for lunch and dinner and apéro location with a terrace outside. The restaurant is just opposite the railway tracks.

The food and drinks are not cheap but the quality is good and the people that work there very nice. One of the guys even went to the kiosk to buy some cigarettes for my friend because they do not have a machine (yet). I really recommend the beef tatar (hot) or the James Joyce burger – the Loft Five belongs to the Carlton Group. I discovered a rare thing on the wine list, see pic, you can buy the “Lynch Bages” by the glass…

IMG-20130613-00193 IMG-20130613-00195

IMG00642-20130613-1933 IMG-20130611-00171 IMG-20130611-00173 IMG-20130611-00174 IMG-20130611-00177 IMG-20130611-00178 IMG-20130611-00180

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