Maison Manesse

Zurich – Tatar from the Bison, sweet Hamachi with radish and avocado, egg 63° (poached for an hour at 63°) on asparagus, confit suckling pig (belly part) with lychees and anise, Melon with popping candy accompanied by cava and a great Swiss red wine from Döttingen “Weingut zum Sternen” (see pic). That was our food for the evening – a new relaxed “fine dining” restaurant that just opened 2 weeks ago and was packed with people.
Some may remember the former restaurant at this spot that was an old traditional restaurant where people went for their cordon-bleu, a beer or two, rooms kept all in dark wood. This was never very inviting for me…so I was very curious to see what happened to the place.
The guys from Maison Manesse obviously needed to use a lot of white colour to give the restaurant this all new look. What I like about it, you still can see this building whit its own live but that has finally received a well deserved rejuvenating cure. You can feel the people working at the MM love what they do and as a guest this is great.
The inside is kept all in white with beautiful old lamps and a particular tableware called Serax to give every dish its well-deserved framing.
Maison Manesse is costly, but its not a simple restaurant you just eat a pizza….so go and explore on your own!

IMG-20130621-00198_MM IMG-20130621-00199_MM IMG-20130621-00200_MM IMG-20130621-00201_MM IMG-20130621-00202_MM IMG-20130621-00204_MM IMG-20130621-00205_MM IMG-20130621-00207_MM

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