Hotel and Restaurant Rössli

Hurden – Vacation in Switzerland is great if the weather is good. So we planned to go out for dinner by boat and I wanted to go somewhere we haven’t been yet. I looked at my special map – I got from a friend – with restaurants with a landing dock. We chose the Rössli, neighbour of the Adler (blog to follow). Unfortunately it started to rain just as we set off and it only stopped when we returned home.

But the visit was worthwhile. The service was very nice and they tried their best but with the rain and all the guests moving inside it was a bit hectic. The view is really nice and the atmosphere Mediterranean. It is also a popular spot to get married as a little chapel is located just next door. The tatar (beef from Heinzer…seems to be en vogue) was good although “hot” needed some spice up by ourselves. The bi-colour chocolate mousse (see pic) was yummy and worth all the calories.

IMG00706-20130725-1946  IMG00709-20130725-1948 IMG00712-20130725-2112

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