Caduff’s Wine loft – Wild thing

Zurich – yesterday we went to Caduff’s Wine Loft with friends. I haven’t been there for at least 10 years.

At the moment they have their “venison week”. Beat Caduff is hunting in the mountains and brings the best shots to his Wine Loft. The food was really fantastic and you can experience a difference in quality. We had “Hirschpfeffer” some kind of stew, entrecote, and I tried for the first time in my life a grouse. The service was really nice and attentive. We also visited the really impressive wine cellar and could choose our own red wine and take it back to the table. We also found the 4kilos wine in one of the shelves (don’t miss to watch their videos). We visited this special boutique bodega when we were in Mallorca. Caduff is now preparing for “Metzgete” weeks, difficult to translate, maybe “butchers party” after slaughtering can explain. Usually celebrated in the months of October and November. I’m longing forward to it….but more about that next week.

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