Geeren – Metzgete

Geeren – About 20 minutes from Zurich this very charming and easy going restaurant is located in the middle of nowhere. If you are a meat lover you should not miss the “Metzgete” – butcher’s party from October to December.

If I only think about the black pudding and liver sausages there, my mouth begins to water…I go there regularly since 5 years – mostly in a small group of people as last week. Portions are big and a have fair prices, you will not leave with a half empty stomach at all. If you still have some space, try the “vermicelles” (chestnut in form of spaghettis) with meringue and whipped cream….I just love it.

My tipp, leave your jacket and clothing that is not easy to wash in the car as it might could smell a little.

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