Equinox – Visiting the Flintstones?

Zurich – Last week I had lunch at the restaurant Equinox in the hotel RenaissanceTower. Actually I just wanted to eat a mixed salad before the event in the hotel started.
But my eyes caught something on the menu, one does not get in every restaurant: marrow. When I cook Osso Bucco (also known as Gremolata) at home, I always buy some additional bones with its delicious and soft inner part…It was worth ordering it, as it was fantastic and presented in the bone.

Besides this, I saw on many tables Hamburgers (with Luma beef) and other very nicely presented dishes. On top, we received a small sweet to taste which was also delicious for free.

The restaurant and hotel are located in the old industrial zone of Zurich – Escherwyss. There are no factories anymore but the hotel took over the theme and interpreted in a modern way in the interior design. I have to mention the special attention of the staff here, they really know good service!


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