Eder’s Eichmühle

Wädenswil – To reach the restaurant is not too easy, but once there, the place is just picturesquely located between trees on a hill and from the parking you have a beautiful view over the lake. The house is quite old….ladies room a little mountain climbing with the tiny steps they have from the old days.
But let’s speak about the food. My mother invited me for a nice Easter lunch menu. There was a good choice on the menu: a little bit from everything, as you can see on the picture.
We both decided to go with the assiette of salmon, tuna and shrimp to begin. My mother chose for second fish and the “Gitzi” a little mountain goat, for main. I went for salad and prime beef with fresh liver, just beautifully in taste and presentation.
The owner told us he was there since 26 years and also his wife, daughter and son work there. Normally you would think maybe this is not the kid’s choice but they did it with so much passion and pleasure we felt almost “invited at a friend’s house”.
Specially, I would like to mention that we sat in the glass pavilion in the middle of the wonderful green garden arranged with countless handcrafted pots, plants and flowers. It must be beautiful also in summer but if it is a little chilly you have always the choice to sit inside. Two cats are also living in the house, so don’t be surprised, if a little fur ball strikes and purrs around your legs under the table…..


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