Pizzeria Etienne – Est-que vous parlez français?

Marseille – After seafood, fish and haute cuisine, we were really looking for a simple pizza. And we found it at Pizzeria Etienne.

The place is a little crazy and you better learn some French before going in there.

At first we were shooed to wait  in a corner with a few other people. The waiters were  stressed because the place was very crowded.
While waiting to be seated we figured out that there were only two types of pizza…with or without cheese. Eventually, one of the waiters asked us: Est-ce que vous parlez français? As my friend lived in Montréal for some time and every Swiss speaks some ok French we nodded in approval and were finally guided us to a table and threw the menu cards at us. Had we denied his question, I reckon we’d still be waiting in that corner today.

We ordered the pizzas…one with and one without cheese with a bottle of rosé wine.

IT WAS DELICIOUS. As the evening passed on, the waiters relaxed and turned into the friendliest people in town.


Address: 43 Rue Lorette, 13002 Marseille

no, there is still no Website :-), don’t try to book a table, its worthless, just go very early or late after 10pm.


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