Lunch at Zen Vegetarian Restaurant Shigetsu @ Tenryu-ji Temple

Kyoto – On our first day in Japan we were brave enough to eat a 100% Japanese lunch, cross-legged  on the floor.

The food was very good and I’m sure with the best ingredients but to be honest, sometimes I really had no idea what I was eating and it does not make it easier if the colour of your food is a mix of green and grey…

The staff was very friendly but English language not one of their assets. So we managed in the end to almost eat the 8 or 10 courses, but after a while sitting on the floor this is really hurting everywhere below the hips and you automatically speed up to finish.

Luckily, the weather was great and we made a nice little walk through the gardens of the temple.

Worth the go but book early in advance.

PS: This is also a place where no shoes are allowed inside…but for the bathroom you get extra slippers.

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