Le bon Georges – Simple très bon!

Paris – This was one of my favorites during my Paris visit.

We walked up to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur and then back into “St. Georges quartier, 9th arrondissement”. If you fancy an apero walk through “rue des Martyrs”.

The place and the food in “Le Bon Georges” were as the name already says…”très bon” and much better.

The menu is not big but they serve the special meat of the white cows “Boeuf Polmard” (Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle, similar to Charolais which is more known) and they serve it strictly “Bleu (raw)” or “Saignant (medium rare)” because anything else would be a sin. We had steak hacké, similar to a hambuger and carpaccio…..just delicious.

This time, I have to mention the wine as well. Normally, I prefer Spanish or Italian wines, but this Côte-Rôtie (Montez) was just excellent and also in combination with the meat…I hope to find it in a near cellar soon.



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