La Baracca – A small Italian island in Switzerland

Zurich – Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a very good friend in the Baracca in “Kreis” 4 in Zurich. Massimo and his team welcomes every guest and you feel a little bit as if you were visiting your Italian relatives at home.

The food is indiscussably good, the pizza is crispy on the bottom and the topping always fresh and an explosion of flavour in the mouth, the pasta is not just macceroni or penne, but spignoli, strozzapreti or other interesing varieties with delicious sauces, the fish or meat just excellent, simple and good. The atmosphere is very relaxed and you can just enjoy a perfect evening with your friends. It can get quite lively and loud later in the night. This restaurant definitely one of my favourite places in Zurich.

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