La Balena – Tuscany in Carmel!

Carmel – After a beautiful drive from San Francicso to Carmel on Highway No 1 we watched the sunset at the beach. We were still a little jetlegged and wanted to go for dinner earlier than booked. But the small restaurant was packed with people so we went to the bar around the corner.

Our table was prepared right below the pass for food so we could sneak with an eye in the kitchen. We couldn’t believe how quiet is was as there so many hungry people and just two cooks in the kitchen.

I had bruschetta with chicken liver and gorgonzola as a starter. My husband went for the gnocchis – both amazingly good.

Of course we had to try the osso bucco when it is on the menu and as well the ravioli filled with boar. It was fantastic and we had to admit, that it competes with many restaurants in Italy.

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