Eslava – Probably the best Tapas restaurant in Spain

Sevilla – This small place is really a wonderful place for every food lover. But you need patience and time.

You cannot make a reservation and therefore either wait at the bar or just eat your tapas there. We had time and patience. After some 60 minutes and two cavas and two beers we were led to the table. During the wait we had time to study the menu on the blackboard. This tapas bar is probably the best I’ve ever been. The prices are reasonable.

We almost tried everything on the menu but our favourits were:
– The “cigar”; octopus in its ink rolled in a filo dough so it looked like a Cuban cigar
-Sangre, a kind of blood pudding, cut in litle cubes with caramelized onions
-the egg on Boletus tower
-Roasted pork ribs in honey sauce….and also the most tender pork cheeks
…actually everything on the menu

This tapas bar has the traditional Spanish food but interpreted in a modern way – GREAT!

After our visit we found out that there are also a restaurant and some “rooms for tourists”….so I will keep that in mind for our next trip.

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