Katzentisch at Münsterhof – Side table concept

Zurich – There is a new concept for dining out in Zurich: Katzentisch. Have you ever tried to find a table in one of the good restaurants in Zurich on a Friday or Saturday evening? It can be quite difficult some time.

Katzentisch solves your problem and promotes the side tables that are available in town on a daily basis and adds a goodie to a usually special set menu.

I wanted to dine in Münsterhof since some time but tended to forget about its existence. But yesterday, it was announced in the Katzentisch newsletter and so we enjoyed a 4 course menu with wine pairing. The restaurant is just around he corner of Paradeplatz in a historic house from the Middle Ages. There are even some important original “Secco” paintings on the walls. Surrounded by history the rest of the interior is modern and warm as is the staff very friendly and attentive.

If I go again, I would definitively order the Burger…it looked amazing.


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