Zelai Txtiki – Authentic Basque kitchen

San Sebastian – We found one of our favourite restaurants thanks to a very friendly and talkative taxi driver. He told us we could find the best food of San Sebastian at the best price…and so it was! Be aware of the opening times (see below).

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We went at about 8 pm and of course we were the first customers while stuff was still cleaning the terrace. It was a very hot day with temperatures of about 35 degrees Celsius. When we arrived at the restaurant and drank our apero on the beautiful terrace, the Biscayan wind started to blow very strong, so we chose to sit inside. The food was absolutely delicious and if we would have been capable, we would have eaten much more. The croquetas (that I love anyway) were one of the best. And I still dream of the “Begi Haundi” tagliatelle of octopus (calamari) with shitake mushroom and creamy pepper sauce, tasty, tender and mouth watering as anything!!! Actually one of the best dishes I ever had in Spain. As wine we chose the Mauro V.S. 2009, it was definitively worth the price…..

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