Passadis del Pep – From the sea to the table

Barcelona – If you like sea food as calamari, lobster, mussels and shrimps then you have to go to Passadis del Pep. You will get everything you see on the local market stalls. You will probably have asked yourself if people really do eat it – yes they do!

The restaurant has no menu card. You will receive several platters of mussels, sea snails, octopus, rice in calamari ink and so on. If you think you had enough, the waiter will ask you if you want meat or fish for your main course…so keep some space in your stomach.

The wine list is very good as well.

Ask to be seated in the main room of the restaurant when you do your reservation.

Note, there is no sign that tells you where the entry of the restaurant is…but there is an open door that leads you inside the building.

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