Teyandei THE cool place for Japanese food in tapas style portions

Tokyo – If you want to try as much Japanese dishes and styles as you can get with a modern twist then go to Teyandei. A Japanese friend recommended it to me and I am really sad such a great place does not exist in Zurich.

The staff does not really speak a lot of English but somehow you manage. It helps if you are seated around the kitchen and grill so you may order a dish you have seen prepared already and just show the staff. The words you DO need to survive are simple: Aligato (Thank you), biru (beer) and oishiiii (delicious). By the way for Swiss people, I strongly recommend the webinar crash course to learn some Japanese by Ronja Sakata.

To summarize, a place with really tasty food, cool and trendy young people (a bit loud maybe;-)) and not at all expensive. I highly recommend! Book early and bear in mind, this is a “take off shoes” restaurant…


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