Gaucho – 250 grs Argentinian beef

Zurich – After several years of experience in catering and delivering Argentinian specialties, “Gaucho” opened a restaurant in the heart of Zurich in January 2014.

The interiors are quite cosy having many framed pictures and interesting images on the restaurant walls. The people from Gaucho are very friendly and welcoming any guest.

The cheery Argentinean eatery features juicy char-grilled meats that are infused with Argentinean spices. Puglian (Italian) dishes are served as well.

Unfortunately I wasn’t trained anymore to eat as much meat as in my time when I lived in Buenos Aires. The “camarero” fully understood that I did want to take the precious leftovers home to indulge my little tigers at home (they refused any catfood for two days after that feast).

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