Auberge de L’ill – Alsace at its best

Illhaeusern near Colmar

This summer, I invited my husband for his round birthday to a short trip to Alsace in France.

During the day we visited Colmar which is such a pretty little city and it looks like it has been all painted from a fairy tale book…

Overnight we stayed in a lovely hotel just about 15 minutes from the Auberge, called Hotel de L’illwald. A really nice place and built in the same typical style the houses are in Colmar (timber framing).

But now to the highlight of the evening. The chef Mr Haeberlin ears three stars in the Michelin guide and the family has a long tradition in this house. The venue is embedded in the countryside and the river Ill flows calm and nicely in front of the garden. People told me, normally there are a lot of swans swimming in there, but I guess it was their day off…

We enjoyed the apéro in the garden area, before we were let to our table. We were placed in a very private bay of the restaurant which made it even more romantic.

I think, this time the pictures need to speak about the food as this would be 5 pages or longer. Of course we had the tasting menu with – I really do not remember – about 8 courses that were absolutely amazingly delicious! The staff of course was also very nice and professional.

So, I recommend to go and try once…but beware of the prices 😉



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