Dani Garcia – stars in our eyes

Marbella – This year we had to cancel our ski vacation – gourmet trip to Zermatt due to a bad knee… Instead we headed some hundred kilometers south to Andalusia. I spent a summer in Malaga to learn Spanish more than 17 years ago. The area is beautiful and it changed a lot, most to the better.

Just after the landing we picked up our rental car and drove along the beautiful coast in lovely sunshine at 20 degrees (in March)!

We booked at Dani Garcia for lunch. It was a fantastic culinary start of our vacation.

We entered the restaurant through a big massive wooden door and found ourselves in the world of Alice in Wonderland. The decoration is really special and you get treated really well.

My favourite dish was the small tomato that looked like made from metal “Tomate Nitro” with oysters and ceviche….heavenly good.

Bring along some time and a full wallet and you will not regret it.




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